Benfleet Tear Trough Filler, PDO Thread and Sunekos Treatment.


Injecting Plumpness and Elasticity back into Skin following weight loss.

Benfleet Tear Trough Filler, PDO Thread and Sunekos Treatment.
Benfleet Tear Trough Filler, PDO Thread and Sunekos Treatment.

Using Tear Trough Filler to Rejuvenate sagging skin after weight loss.

Liam from Benfleet came to our Chelmsford clinic early in February complaining of loose and sagging skin after a successful weight loss programme.

What can happen to your skin after losing weight?

If you've spent hours in the gym trying to lose weight, you probably know that saggy skin can be an all-too-common side effect. Saggy skin, on both the face and body, is often associated with the loss of fat. The deterioration or reduction of collagen and elastin in the dermis are another cause of saggy skin.

He stated that his skin was losing elasticity, his facial skin was saggy and his eyes were dark and hollow. After our initial consultation, we noticed how thin and transparent the skin under his eyes were so didn't really want to use a filler immediately. We instead decided on a course of Sunekos under his eyes.

Why use Sunekos?

Sunekos treatment is ideal if you have loose, crepey, thin skin and/or a loss of volume around your eyes. It is also suited to help with lines, wrinkles, crepiness, volume-loss and laxity on your neck and face. SuneKos can significantly regenerate your ageing skin and restore a natural-looking, youthful appearance.

For Liams 4 treatments we used Sunekos 200 while also adding lift to both his cheeks using PDO Threads.

Benefits of a PDO Thread Lift:

Part of the natural ageing process is a reduced rate of collagen and elastin production. A lack of these essential proteins and fibres leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. Chrissy is proud to offer several anti-ageing treatments to help you find your own fountain of youth and by clicking the above link you'll discover the remarkable benefits of a PDO thread lift.

 At the conclusion of the course of Sunekos, there was a marked improvement in Liam's skin condition as well as the laxity and firmness of his features. Although there was great improvement, we wanted to really perfect the look we were after. We did this by using Tear Trough Filler.

Tear trough filler treatment has the following benefits:

Plumping and smoothing out under-eye skin and wrinkles using hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance in the skin that can be used to fill hollowed skin to make it look firmer and younger. Tear trough filler is a two part treatment two weeks apart to achieve the desired look which may improve over the next few days to create a revitalized, less tired appearance while also boosting collagen production and overall skin quality. Results are instant and can last up to twelve months.There is no down time with this treatment meaning you can return straight to work.

We used a small amount of Teosyal Redensity IIFiller to finish off his amazing new look.



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